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Re: [RC] Beet pulp and cigarettes (now colics) - Sheila_Larsen

I don't think they necessarily have a natural ability to fend off parasites
as much as they probably didn't historically collect them as much because
they were not kept in the same conditions that we keep them now.  Growing
up everyone I know (Northern california) feed their horses alfalfa (maybe
some oat hay, didn't know what grass hay was) and rarely did I see a colic.
Of course we didn't deal with sand issues where I was.  I do remember
worming my horse fairly regularly (2 x a year), can say I do it anymore

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            11/21/2007 11:18                                           To 
            AM                        Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx,              
                                      Re: [RC]   Beet pulp and cigarettes 
                                      (now colics)                        

Funny, "Back in the Days" (my Dads favorite saying) we used to use crushed
up cigarettes and lemon juice!  Although, I'm sure it didn't work at all,
the horses back then never seem to have very many colic problems that I can
remember.  I was about 20 when I saw my first colic.  I remember I was
always concerned that I might not be able to identify a colic when it would
really happen around me.  I would read about it in books and look at the
pictures to make sure I understood the symptoms.  Of course that was when
your farrier (oops, "horseshoer", no one said farrier then either) would
also be the one that floated your horses teeth for $5.00 extra!

My family has always had horses.  During my younger days (12-15 years old)
I used to work as a trail guide in Palm Springs, CA.  So I was around a lot
of horses at these places.  My Dad (now 78) only saw one colic until he
started living with us.  He then saw one of my mares colic while we were
attending the Nat'l Championship at Warner Hot Springs.  It was Ima
Liberated Lady so my husband Charlie rushed home.  She was fine after a
Banamine injection.

Is it because horses have now lost the natural ability to fend off
parasites and clean out sand with all of our new drugs and methods?  I just

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Re: [RC] Beet pulp and cigarettes (now colics), Trailrite