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[RC] A Big Thank You from The Robinsons! - Trailrite

I just want to take a minute of your time and publicly say "Thank You" to all of those out there that called, emailed, and sent us donations for hay.  It's wonderful to know that people like you folks are out there for support in time of need.  We really did need support, but things are looking better 12 days after the fires.
A Little Update:
We are now doing demo & cleaning up of our Master bedroom, my Dads house, my Son's travel trailer, the 18 stall barn, the equipment and tractor shop (including tractors & tools), TR Products, Carol Resner's Car, the two big water tanks & trailers we use for the Git-R-Done rides.  It has taken, as of today 8, 40 foot dump trailers to haul this stuff out and we're still not done!  We had a nice Mexican Family haul off most of the metal to salvage yards (I hope they make some $ for there family) for recycle.
4 of our horses are back, The Twins, Sharkee, & Big Enough.  Felina our goat (we got from Kim Fuess) is doing good.  She's a little out of place without the barn but she either thinks she's a Dog or a Horse pending on the time of day & settles in. 4 more of my horses will not be able to return back here for a month or so.  Carol's 3 horses are at Charlene's Ranch and will have to return when things get built back.
Some of you have called or emailed me and asked about "Money" my pet Peachick.  He's doing fine and is with 3 ducklings and my Son's full grown duck "Clyde."  All of these animals were also taken care of by my daughter "Charlene Lewis."  She had my 5 Dogs for a few days too.  Dogs, Cats & Birds are now back home. The 2 cats were in Carol's living quarters so they were returned back a few days after the fires along with the dogs.  5 Barn Cats were alive. 3 we saw right away, 1 we saw a few days later and we just had a sighting of 1 on Sunday.  All seem in good shape...unbelievable!  Food and water have been set out so I can see the cats at least once in a while.  (Most of you don't know, but I've always rescued adult cats that can't be placed in homes after their allotted time.  Most are very wild and can't be touched for a while or with some, never.)  I never have rodent problems and the Cats have a chance for a life.
The trees that have been burned, some of the older ones will make it, but some were only 5 years old might not.  It's sad to see.  I hiked along the outside of our place, which is the area we used to put on the Hog Wild rides on, and it all looks like the moon.  Some trees made it along the wash but the rest in the canyon areas are all black.  All of that old wood in the Hog Ranch is gone, so all that is standing out there is concrete stuff.
The wildlife is all but gone.  I saw one Coyote (alive) and 3 dead ones.  A lot of small animals were burned, small bones everywhere, some a few days after the fire were half burned and we had to finish the suffering.  My husband "Charlie" seem to get that job, I just couldn't....  Anyway, on a happier note.  The Birds are returning, I have set out lots of wild bird feed and hummingbird food with good results.  I haven't seen any deer, foxes or bobcats yet, but I have a water tank and a few buckets of lower water for them just in case.
Tammy & Charlie Robinson
Trail-Rite Products
18171 Lost Creek Road
Saugus, CA 91390
661/513-9269 office
661/713-3912 cell
661/513-9206 fax

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