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Re: [RC] guns - Beth Walker

Great advice, Ed!

On Nov 1, 2007, at 8:18 AM, Sisu West Ranch wrote:

More important than type and caliber is your ability to handle the selected firearm.
A number of years ago at a gun range?I routinely assisted hunters sighting in their rifles prior to hunting season.? It was very common for a hunters with the biggest rifles to have a horrible time getting them sighted in.? It was hard to get them to understand that they were flinching at the recoil of the 7mm Rem. Magnum and they would do better with a "wimpy" .308.
The same goes for pistols.? A hit with a .22 beats a miss with a .44 magnum.?
My advice is to go to a gun range, and shoot rented or borrowed firearms until proficient.? Then purchase the largest caliber that you can comfortably shoot and hit the target consistently.? With a bit of practice almost all people can easily handle a 9 mm. pistol or a .38 special revolver.? After a few years of practice, they then find that they can move up to a heavier recoiling pistol or revolver.
The next big decision is a revolver or semi automatic pistol.? There is no one size fits all answer either for this question.
Revolvers are more reliable if neglected.
Pistols hold more shots, and are much quicker to reload.
Revolvers can fire a more effective round.
Pistols are flatter and easier to conceal.
Some people like the romance of the "wild west" and choose a revolver for that reason.
Some people find a pistol to be more manageable as the movement of the slide spreads the recoil over a longer time period.
Above all, these considerations is the requirement for practice.? If you purchase a pistol you like, in a caliber you can handle, and go to the range and practice.? If you need it, it will then serve you well.? Don't practice and it would be equivalent to attempting a 100 mile endurance ride after training on the Walmart pony.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

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