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Re: [RC] Calif..1st Fires now an earthquake..whats next? Frogs? Locusts? - kathy . mayeda

Actually, Barbara, you are sitting on top of ocean sediments.  Called turbidite sequence - underwater fan shaped depositions coming off of continental shelf.  The rounded rocks are probably the Butano Formation, which are lens shaped deposits of coarer sand - and interspersed with areas of finer deposits of clay and silt (eventually forms shale).  The shale is most likely the San Lorenzo formation.   I was an Earth Science major at UCSC and we spent many a weekend in Santa Cruz Mountains studying the sequences.   There are even underwater basalt blubs on Page Mill Road across the San Andreas Fault from ya!
I vaguely remember that it was Jurassic - but I've been out of geology so long that my memory probably is pretty dim.  (Ask me how to do electrical design on a Starbucks, though.)
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Our shale ridges at 1600 - 2000 ft. elevation are made of mud sediment.  Also, we know of a ridge at probably 1400-1600 ft. elevation that has rounded rocks.  A local man, a geology expert, told my husband that those rocks were once in a river and that gold was found there.  Fascinating.....
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And our SoCal coastal mountain ranges are pocked with dolomite beds and ocean fossils indicating the area was once (Pleistocene era?) under water. It's dynamic.

Lynn Kinsky, Santa Ynez, CA