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Re: [RC] [RC] Generators at 3:30 a.m. - Dawn Carrie

Our guys get their evening meal, and then another, smaller, one at around 3am.  Here in Texas, 50s usually start at 7am, so that works out well.  At rides we feed beet pulp with some of their regular ration mixed in, as we don't want to give them a lot of grain before the ride. 
And I agree...it is easy to feed without making a lot of noise that wakes the neighbors.  However, the neighboring *horses* are going to know what's going on (somebody's getting food, and it ain't them  LOL), so no way around that.  But if a horse's completion is threatened merely by waking up in the middle of the night, then it probably isn't cut out for this sport anyhow.  Besides, if a horse has food/hay in front of it all night, it's probably spending a lot of time eating already, so is awake a lot.  Like I said before, there's no excuse for turning on a generator and illuminating the whole camp when feeding.  But no one should feel guilty for making other horses nicker when he/she feeds their own horse...on whatever schedule they use.
Dawn Carrie, Texas

On 10/30/07, sherman <sherman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Feeding the morning ration at night is something I've been doing even at
home. Since I want my horses to eat all they want, and they never eat it
all, it works great. Then in the morning I serve a little mash with
electrolytes and the ponies are ready to go.

There just isn't that big a trick to feeding a horse quietly without
turning on stadium lights and flinging buckets about. Or hey, even
giving it to the horse the night before---there's nothing nutrition-wise
that any horse needs 2-4 hours before a ride that he can't eat and
metabolize as well, or even a lot better, the night before.

Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

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[RC] Generators at 3:30 a.m., sherman