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[RC] Spook Run 100 story - Jody Rogers-Buttram

  Ok, since I am not much to write ups on my own stories, I will give this a brief passing.  Just wanted to share the "spooky" part of the ride.
  Basically, we just wanted to finish, since the last 100 (BSF) Rose and I didn't because of girthy issues.  Hoping to have a handle on the problem, which is on going, I decided to go back to the orginal set up.  Ditch the HAF pad on Rose, use the Skito with the Wintec, but after say 50-60 miles of the heavy OF.  That's what I did.  And it worked fine.  Rose was funny, she was carrying a load with me and that heavy OF, and we would come to a big hill, and if I just shifted my legs any, she thought I as going to hop off and tail up.  So, I would move my legs back and she would stop.  Got to be a game to see how consistent she was with it.  She was seriously wanting me off.  And I did get off on several hills.
  Horses did great, in fact, you know it's cool/damp when Rose comes into a VC with a 59 pulse, and then turns a 48/48 CRI.  For sure Rosey Posey weather.   On the latter loops, we were seeing some people, hikers on the trails.  They were nice and polite.  BUT, later on, we were moving out big down the ridge road making time and Joni starts to yell at me, "Mamma, did you see those people in the woods, they were standing in a circle and growling at us!"   Nope.  Didn't see them.  But we had to come back by there a few more times before it was said and done.  Never did see them again.  But, this ride, SPOOK Run, has the name for a reason.  It is SPOOKY in one spot in the dark.  You leave camp, go about 1 1/2 to 2 miles, and turn off the ridge road and go down and thru a holllow, up the other side to a paved road.  Then it's ok from there.  But that 1 and half miles thru the hollow
is spooky.  It is foggy, muddy and just a slower go, some walking down hill and then up hill.  Joni and I went back out to do the last loop, thinking about the spooky people in the woods and how we had to go thru the creepy hollow.  We walked down the hill, and trotted some, then would have to walk thru mud.  Joni was behind, and she kept saying she was hearing something in the bushes.  I would tell her to be quiet and let's sneak out of there as soon as possible.  It was getting pretty scary when we saw the hill coming out to the pavement.  Joni wanted to know if we had to get off and tail up.....to which I answered, "NO way".  That road was wonderful when we saw it.
 Finished before midnight, and somewhat cleaned up the ponies, took a shower and went to bed.  Sure is nice to do 100 milers, even if they are scary ones.  Now, on to JD's and Lizard man !!!!!
Jody and Rose (now a 3000 mile pony- nine 100 milers)
Joni ( her 10th 100 completion and Cash Pony, his 7th)

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