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[RC] Heaters in trailers - matt medeiros

We have used a mr. Buddie Heater that is safe and uses small lpg bottles. They last 8 hours on high and 4 on low.RIDES OF MARCH 50 it kept us warm in snow storms both nights we were there.
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From: Joe Long <jlong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007 7:21:46 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Question re: Heaters at rides

Mike Lewis wrote:

> 1.  Is there any chance AERC will ever allow the "no generators after
> 10:00pm rule" to slide?  Many of us do not have finished living quarters
> (some don't even have insulation) in our trailers and the only
> relatively SAFE heat is electrical heat.

You're mistaken about that .. see below.

> 2.  How do trailers with factory living quarters provide safe heat
> during the night?

Factory or  conversion, the common method of providing heat is a
forced-air propane furnace, run on the 12V battery.  Other than the size
and battery power, it's the same basic design as the furnaces in many
houses.  The propane burns using air from outside and the exhaust is
vented outside, and a heat exchanger heats the inside air.  No fumes or
carbon monoxide get into the trailer at all.

You don't need finished living quarters to install one of these into a
trailer's tackroom, although obviously it wouldn't do much good in an
open stock trailer.

Joe Long


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