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RE: [RC] Endurance mutts and culls? - Chris Anton

I don't know the davidsons, so can't comment, but I have talked with denny emerson on the phone 10 years ago when i was getting started with breeding for distance horses. I wanted to breed my mare to a good Tb for an Anglo.
I knew practically nothing about the tb bloodlines and I was a nobody from the midwest. Denny was gracious and encouraging and taught me a lot in our phone conversation. He took the time to help a rookie and I'll never forget that.

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> Subject: RE: [RC] Endurance mutts and culls?
> Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 22:22:14 -0400
> I was an high level eventer and have worked for and with both Denny Emerson and Bruce...IMHO Denny's breeding program is better if you are really looking into eventing blood. I will not go into my problems with Bruce and his breeding program all I will say is go with Denny. The O' Connor's rate in between the two for me, but Denny breeds a really top notch athlete, a good all around horse, and is a gentleman and a true horseman to boot. Honest as the day is long. Just my one cent on event breeding....
> Juli
> Juli Jakub
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