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RE: [RC] [AERC_CT_Region] Fwd: RE: Equestrian Park Off Limits to Horses_ Greensfelder!!! - Nancy Mitts

After reading Lucie's post yesterday I contacted a customer who lives near the park.  She was going to the meeting, she didn't really know details.  She did say she had been seeing "trail closed to horses" signs in the Park and was concerned. Since many people live in that area specifically so they can ride in the park I can understand their reaction, they must not have been at the public meetings?  I guess the county needed signs that say "closed for improvements!
Nancy Mitts

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Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 09:27:33 -0700
Subject: [AERC_CT_Region] Fwd: RE: Equestrian Park Off Limits to Horses _ Greensfelder!!!

I usually don’t do ‘reply to all’ but just saw a posting on ridecamp about this, and since I can’t post to ridecamp from work…just wanted to get some info I got straight from the county and thought I’d share it with all of you in case it may dispel some of the concerns about rumored closures and maybe someone else can share this with ridecamp…..?
This is the third version of ‘trail closures’ at greensfelder I’ve heard in the last two weeks.  To find out what the actual story was, I contacted the county directly today.  The person I spoke to at the county said there is no plan to close the park to horses, or any of the trails.  There is a meeting on the 18th with a couple of concerned equestrians to let them know there is no plan to close the trails and to go over what improvements they are making.  It is not a public meeting.
As a follow up, the engineering supervisor at the county called me later this morning.  He gave me more information.  They have a strategic plan on how to improve the horse trails, which they had a series of public meetings about over this year.  One of the improvements is to temporarily close sections of the eagle park trail to reduce erosion and improve it for horses (and for any of us that have gone down some of those steep muddy sections, this is going to be a great improvement!). Another one of their plans is to make on-road improvements for bikes to get them off of the horse trails (yeah!). 
If anyone has questions, he said feel free to contact him directly.  His name is Paul Andrew, Engineering Supervisor for St. Louis County, and his number is 314-615-0157.
I’m sure I don’t have all the facts, but sounds like instead of closing trails, the county is really making some improvements will benefit equestrians.
If someone has different information that the trails are going to be closed that came from the county, could  you share who at the county provided it, so we can go directly to the source of the info for questions? thx

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