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Re: who was Bob Marshall? (was - Re: [RC] question for Bob Marshall saddle owners) - Linda Marins

I have come to know a fair bit about Bob Marshall in my
researches into public land recreational trail policy.
Bob Marshall instigated the first blow-up about the
impacts of pack stock use on US Forest Service trails
and land.
There was a recreational/environmental organization
based out of the San Francisco Bay area that had held
annual outings into the Sierra Nevada mountains ever
since the club's formation in the 1860's.  Each year tens,
and then hundreds of the members would gather for
their outing.  It was like one of those British Empire
African safaris--the club would contract with local
packers to ferry the 100+ participants, men and women,
and their canvas tents and cots and cast iron cooking gear
and hiking boots and clothing up into the Sierras.  The
members would *ride* into the back country, set up base
camp, and then go for day hikes into the higher elevations.
By 1946, the annual outing's safari caravan was employing
over 250 pack and riding animals!
Bob Marshall, back from his epiphany trip to Alaska, noted
the damage this annual flotilla of horses, mules, and donkeys
was inflicting upon the trails and took the club to task over it.
In response, they held a convention in 1946 to discuss the issue
and instituted the first voluntary restrictions on pack stock
use on USFS land.
The name of the organization?
The Sierra Club.
Linda Marins

RE: who was Bob Marshall? (was - Re: [RC] question for Bob Marshall saddle owners), Bob Morris