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[RC] Dubai and Shayk Mohammed on 60 Minutes - Linda Marins

CBS's 60 Minutes did a 15 minute piece on Dubai
and Shayk Mohammed last night called "Dubai, Inc."
It was pretty good, although I'd call it kind of surface-
impressions-only softball, no real "in depth" reporting.
They covered:
  - all of the real estate development (houses, artifical
     islands, giant shopping malls),
   - the Shayk's ambitions to make a paradise for his
     people (health, education, women),
   - the Shayks' horses and how much he loves them (one quick
     clip of endurance, lots of footage of his thoroughbred
     race horses),
   - his two chief lieutenants (Sultan bin Sulayen--the
     recent WC almost winner--and another guy),
   - his wife Haya (while mentioning that there's
      another who is rarely seen in public--also no mention
      that she is the current President of the FEI),
   - lots of clips of how much his people love him (driving
     around without a bodyguard in a Mercedes SUV, talking
     with his subjects),
   - the US ports fiasco,
   - camel racing with mechanical jockeys and a
     quick mention of the child camel jockeys issue,
but also:
   - Dubai's close relations with Iran 
   - indentured servant construction labor with ineffectual
     and unenforced legal oversight
   - accusations of forced prostitution
   - prosperity without freedom of political _expression_
   - the suspicion that what is going on is a speculation bubble
      that could burst.
   - worry that, like Kuwait, a tiny population of
     citizens who get all the goodies and a huge population
     of low paid foreign labor without citizenship could
     create a fertile recruiting ground for groups like
I found it odd that they never mentioned his brother, who
died only last year.
There is a downloadable video of it at:
Linda Marins