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[RC] Looking for people between Pensacola, Florida, and Panama City - Maryanne Gabbani

One of the saddest things about living abroad is that there are a lot of people who are here temporarily and you have to say good bye to good friends. I have one now who will be leaving to live in Florida in December and I will be missing her. Diane is an F-14 mechanic who has been working here for about 18 months and riding with me for about four. She grew up in a  horsey area (I think in Texas?) and needed to remember how to ride. I took her and her husband out for a sunset ride in the desert and along the canals a number of months ago while Chad was visiting (he's also military and currently stationed in South Korea, but heading for Florida as well). Diane liked it so much that they came back a day later for a longer ride and these days she's showing up two or three days every time she gets time off. She's based too far from Cairo to just drop by, or I suspect I'd see her a lot more. She's been riding in the desert and through our farmland with me and would like to find some horse people where she's moving to. She's never done endurance but thinks it sounds interesting and I'm sure could be conned into crewing for someone or volunteering to help at a ride to see how things work. She's calm and unshakeable, and most importantly, laughs more often than most people I know. She and Chad totally charmed us all with their delight on the initial riding trips and I really look forward to  our rides now.  I figure that any woman who can deal with the Egyptian military men has to be amazingly tough and REALLY have a good sense of humour. The stories she told me about her first days in Fayed were a hoot. I guess the local guys really didn't expect to have a female mechanic.

So if anyone is in her area, could you drop me a line and I will pass it on to Diane. She's going to be based about halfway between Pensacola and Panama City....where ever that is.

Thanks a lot.


Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

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