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[RC] hoof question - Juli Bechard

I'm sure everyone here is thoroughly sick of The Saga of Alpine's Feet, however I have one more question.

Three months after the initial bad shoeing job, Alpine is finally 100% sound again.  Of course, now I'm afraid to ride him for fear of something else going wrong.  Anyway, the good farrier is coming out tomorrow to do feet.  When Alpine was at the university, they reshod him correctly.  Alpine usually only wears shoes when I start adding a lot of distance.  This Florida sand works like sand paper, and will wear his feet down to nothing.  We put shoes back on him at the university because we thought with the bruises on his soles, the added protection would be a good thing.  I will be bringing him back into condition, but after 3 months off, we'll be starting out pretty slow for a bit.  I'd like to pull his shoes for now.  Any ideas on the advisability of doing this?  I have a pair of epics, and I can boot for longer rides, or if I decide to go the trail where I know there are rocks.  

I'd like to hear the thoughts on this.  Due to the hot topic of shoeing vs barefoot, keeping it private might not be a bad idea.  *grin*  My email for those of you on digest is:
Dakoiah at coastalnet dot com

Thanks for all the help! Ridecamp is the greatest.

Juli and the Herd

Alpine and Merlin, who are both getting pedicures tomorrow.