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[RC] [RC] Interesting Study - Patti

From: Bruce Weary < bweary@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Interesting Study

 I defer to Dr Garlinghouse's interpretation of the study I noted.
Bruce -
TI cites this and other studies in Optimized Nutrition for the Athletic Horse, p77 (Ivers 2002, available from www.equineracing.com ) in his discussion of carb loading.
He then goes on to look at a review study of fat loading and adaptation "However, in most cases muscle glycogen storage is compromised, and although muscle glycogen breakdown is diminished to a certain extent, this is probably part of the explanation for the lack of performance enhancement after adaptation to a fat-rich diet." (Helge, 2000 abstract http://grande.nal.usda.gov/ibids/index.php?mode2=detail&origin=ibids_references&therow=133213)
TI's interpretation - "Despite a decided shift to fat as a substrate in fat-loaded athletes, there is either no performance benefit, or there is a decrease in performance. With high intensity exercise, there was a loss of performance when compared to a carbohydrate-rich diet. Meanwhile, glycogen storage in the muscles has been compromised."
One thing I found of interest (in the first study) was the supplementation of AA's - see http://jas.fass.org/cgi/content/abstract/83/12/2783 on "Amino acid supplementation improves muscle mass..."(2005, Graham-Thiers, Kronfeld). I've been using whey protein cocentrate for low carb AA's for a couple of years for Cushing's horses with muscle wasting, and have started using it on others with hay with "iffy" CP quality (and split peas, another good full AA profile source when I want additional calories/fat). McIlwraith, in one of his DOD papers (which I can't find now) discussed lowering protein but supplementing AA's in foals with a tendancy toward DOD (along with attenuating glycemic spikes per Ralston's work. The group at VA Polytech (Graham-Thiers, Kronfeld, Treiber and others) are doing some interesting work. Can find some abstracts if you "Google scholar" them.
Even if you didn't agree with TI, his thoughts make interesting reading.
Patti K
Vail AZ