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Re: [RC] [RC] ethics of slaughter - Maryanne Gabbani

I actually found myself in almost that situation. I bought a mare from a friend who was having problems riding her in the desert. It wasn't exactly a nondisclosed problem because that is the mare's problem, but I underestimated the extent of the issue because my friend is a very timid rider. The mare, after 3 years with me, is a great ride in the countryside if you are confident. I simply don't put anyone but a very confident rider on her because she gets scared from frightened riders. We tried once or twice when people overestimated their confidence and I simply refuse to do it again. She doesn't take advantage...she's scared.

Then there is the desert, and this is where 99.9% of riders in Egypt ride. I spent two years working to overcome her panic in the desert and I found that 90% of the time she could calm down enough to be ridden there  BUT the other 10% saw panic stricken meltdowns for no apparent reason. Happily there are no trees to  run into, no cliffs to run off of, and no trails....just lots of sand...but I decided that I was simply too old to be dealing with a big strong Anglo/Arab mare in a panic. I don't ride her in the desert...ever.

So I have a horse that I and a couple of my grooms can ride in the countryside. One of my grooms thinks he's immortal and will ride her in the desert. But I can't sell her. Ever. I honestly could not sell that mare to anyone here because they will ride her in the desert and she will panic. So she's here and if for any reason I couldn't keep her I would have to put her down for her sake and the sake of not worrying about her killing someone in a panic attack.

When it comes down to it, I simply don't sell horses because selling horses in Egypt is much worse than sending them to a slaughterhouse. They can go on to a life of hell.


On 8/18/07, sherman <sherman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Anyone, not just Truman,

What if you buy a horse and it doesn't suit your needs, doesn't provide
any service to you. What if you have found out something about the horse
that was not disclosed to you and did not become apparent for a few
weeks or even months, and that "something" makes the horse not saleable
if you are honest & disclose that information to prospective new owners?
What would you do with it then? Do you feel like you need to be
responsible for it for the remainder of it's life, or take it to the
auction and be done with it?

Just curious,


My horses are in my responsibility. I have enough land to take care of
the old ones till there time has come and still add new ones so I am
lucky there. If I didn't or if I could not arrange something like MB I
would limit getting anymore. That doesn't mean that I won't make the
right decision when it has to be made. But my horses have done a
valuable service to me and I will see they are taken care of for their



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Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

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