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Re: [RC] was slaughter update. - Rebecca Fabiszak


I would only put my duaghters pony down if he has another rotation of the coffin bone. I agree that animals should be cared for in sickness and in health, for as long as is humanely possible. I had asked the vet the last time when I should consider putting Zebby down and he is the one that told me that one more rotation incident should be the end/beginning ( I believe the Lord has a place in Heaven for our animals). He has been too good a companion to be put through the misery that we have put him through so far. No more vein left to IV him .

 We are to the point of having to tube him to get DMSO in him prior to trimming his severely foundered hooves.  Today we have x-rays done to see if he is rotating back toward where the coffing bone should be. 


You can't make people take care of their kids let alone animals. If we lived in a perfect world, none of this would have to be discussed. No one would have to come in and pick up the pieces of the mess someone has made of so many horses. We can't make people become responsible.  Beccy


My late husband and I made promises to our endurance horses and our
broodmares:  In return for working for us, they got homes for life -
"for better or for worse".  The whole notion of getting rid of
animals because they're too old (and therefore "useless") is
disgusting to me.  This is not to say that rehoming to a good home is
not something to consider - but sending an animal off to an unknown
future is not acceptable to me.
I say don't even get a horse if you aren't willing to be responsible
for it for it's whole life, not just the part you want to *use up*.

Gosh Lif,
    I kind of steered clear of this thread, partly because the past few days I have been mindful that my first Arabian, born in 1975, who came to me in 1979, died 2 years ago today - she would have been 31 in Feb that year! Our precious, DARLING SE stallion who has done everything, including carried our small daughter in his youth, is now 22 and fitting BACK up for some LD, while his now good companion mare who is nearly 22 (this Jan) is also fitting back up for a few LD. When they can no longer do what they love, they have a home for life. Why? Because, aside from having such a deep spot in our hearts, we believe, with Lif, that any creature who gives so much of themselves to a human, without killing them :), deserves better than to be sent away or killed. The two statements above just floored me - above yours, Lif, because it would NEVER OCCUR to us to send a horse to the killers or anywhere ELSE simply because they are "no good" to us anymore! Humane euthanasia is NOT the same as dumping a horse. HE is reserved for taking a horse out of pain when the end comes, however it comes not for padding one's wallet so they can go buy another poor creature to use for a time them dump. We agree - if you don't want to honor the TWO WAY commitment to these gentle creatures after they have served a lifetime for you, go get a motorcycle - you can dump those and sleep nights. Don't get a horse...or a dog....or kids.... or a rat...

Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians

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