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Re: [RC] Strangles vacination-Beth Walker - Beth Walker

You're welcome. ?I will apologize also, since I re-read my original post, and I did over-state what I actually knew. ??
I'll try and do better. ?:)

On Aug 13, 2007, at 9:32 AM, Milroy Grosse wrote:

OK then...that makes a big difference.? That information is crucial when discussing these things and educating.? It sounds like the vaccine in this case may not have been helpful.
Although it is tough to say whether the vaccine may have not have prevented infection....did it save the horses lives because they had a little bit of immunity.
I didn't mean to sound confrontation...I apologize.? I just was confused as to how and why the horses were treated.
Thanks for clearing it up.

Beth Walker <bwalker2@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hold on a bit, there. ?I probably mis-stated some things. ?I wasn't personally involved in the incident, and I never asked for details of how the horses were treated, so I can't say one way or the other whether they isolated horses or not, or what vaccination protocol was followed. ?BTW - this was a boarding facility, not a "ranch" ranch. ?:)

On the other hand, I **do** know that some horses in the place had already had strangles vaccine before this incident -- they had been vaccinated all along and were up to date -- and they still got strangles. ?The vets were not impressed with how the vaccine worked. ?Add the above-normal complications, and they decided to stop recommending it.

When my vet talked to me about it, he quoted a rather unimpressive percentage for protection -- can't remember exactly -- that he had gotten from the vaccine manufacturer.

On Aug 13, 2007, at 8:36 AM, Milroy Grosse wrote:

Beth Walker <bwalker2@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I'll chime in with agreement with Raven and Karen -- my vet used to
recommend the strangles vaccine, but no longer does. They will give
it if you want, but they had a bad experience themselves, kind of
similar to Karens. A horse on a ranch got strangles, and they
recommended vaccinating all of the other horses. Most of them got
strangles anyway, and some got very, very sick.
I would have to say that in this case the horses were treated wrong.? I was told that if you have a horse at a barn that comes up with strangles, you should divide the horses into three groups.....
Group 1.? Horses with obvious symptoms of strangles should be isolated and treated only.
Group 2.? Horses with known exposure to sick horses should be isolated and watched for 10 days or so for symptoms...or I guess could be treated as a precaution.? If no symptoms arise..vaccinate
Group 3.? Horses that are known to not have contact should be isolated and vaccinated.
If the horses were already exposed then the vaccine will not have any protective effect.

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Re: [RC] Strangles vacination-Beth Walker, Milroy Grosse