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[RC] What To Do----Tom Site - Nik Isahak Abdullah

I was just keeping quiet in the background not wanting to get in the heat of things Tom as this local issue has brought a lot of flaks back home and abroad and saying one way or other will never be 'politically 'correct when you are talking of animal abuse anywhere in the world .Too much emotion invovled .When the issue 'crossed' borders to Down Under ,it further become further complicated and fueled further by interpersonal jeolousy between 'small horse traders and mega horse trader '.When this cross over to the US ,your geographical isolation compounded the perception problem as I noticed in some of the reaction .As Marie -Noelle Just of France put it succintly horse abuse occurs everywhere,even in France and Europe and that should not stop cross border trading of horses or stop people from going to places where that occur .Because this is in the minority ,every where ,even in Malaysia .Yes ,even in Malaysia .And I really mean this and am not trying to triavialise the issue .
As to your question ,"what to do " ,the local veterinery authorities has already stepped in some weeks ago starting positive refeeding of the horses and giving treatment whatever is needed and is currently in charge at the private farm .Suffice to say the locals here are asking for the 'owners' blood.Some wanted to have him shot .I know the owners personally .He is not an ogre or mean as put out to be .Just a couple of years back has been a doyen of endurance in his part of the Island of Sabah ,a very touristic Island which can ill afford this kind of 'scandal' .For a man of his stature what has transpired is worse than being 'hanged' by the 'balls'.That I know .
Of course you guys do not have to take my word because I am Malaysian but Steph's recent contribution on this matter is really not very far from the truth .
If we horse lovers all over the world can share the same fervour and energy over much bigger moral issues and injustice,arising from misperceptions that seem to burden this small planet of ours, this would be a better and safer place to live in .
I am eeply embarassed by what happened here but even here in Malaysia we have the mechanism all in place to take care of that .It is when people take the opportunity to muck around other agendas as well that thing become more complicated.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

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