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Re: [RC] [RC] Panacur - Older horse - Update - Danelle Jones

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your responses, I'm please to report all seems to have gone very well.

I talked to our new vet prior to going through, to discuss possible side effects and when to do the tetnus/strangles shot he was also due for. Rob's advice was to do the purge, at the discussed dosage (490kg = 98mL per day, 5 days) and leave the shot until after - "see how he's feeling, you'll know by the last day if he's really having trouble"

We completed the purge a full week ago, and he's looking a lot happier. No bad colic, no lumps and bumps, mild side effects touch wood.

Saturday last week was his final dose and he certainly looked like he was feeling the drain. Looked dull and under the weather, mildly grumpy and some discomfort around the belly. I took some friends out who were new to horses for a visit and he wasn't really up to socialising as he usually would be.

However, we left him to it and I paid a visit on the Tuesday. Still not 100%, but improved, he'd started to shed a bit of hair on his face - around eyes and cheek bones mainly. That night we had a good scratch with the soft brush and he seemed happier after I left.

Yesterday I made it out for a visit, he was bright-eyed, lots of energy and happy in himself. He'd had a tetnus/strangles shot this week as well and barely noticed the slight fluid around his chest where the injection site was. We had a big  shampoo-spa and a good stretch in the arena. The shedding had slowed on his face and he basically looks like he's on the up and up - tummy's not so swollen and he now looks more lean tb-ish than pot-bellied skinny pony (bonus).

I hope this provides some relevant info for others who may have the same or similar concerns. Chief wasn't neglected or completely 'un-wormed' (18 months at most without deworming/ivermectin) and he seems to have come through quite well. All this on a sudden change of diet (international move) too.


On 7/7/07, Diane Trefethen <tref@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It is my understanding that the biggest danger in a Panacur Purge comes
from the die off of huge numbers of worms.  For a horse that's being
wormed regularly, the purge, in spring or fall usually, is great.  But
if you don't have a handle on how badly infested the horse is, again
from what I've heard, not personal experience, it could be extremely
dangerous to purge, even fatal.

If that's not right, someone with more experience with the purge please
jump in and correct me.

Danelle Jones wrote:
> ...I'm keen to do the purge and I have an 'unknown' worming
> history for the last 11 months...
> I assume that if he's got a heavy worm load it'll be doing more damage
> than the purge could do harm.


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