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[RC] Cougar Rock - Suzanne Boyd

Finally made it all the way through that Cougar Rock video. It was extremely painful for me to watch. I saw a lot of people go over quite gracefully (Dawn Simas, *very* nice!) But many riders made me wince, because I *somehow* felt their pain. I know if I ever get a chance to go over it(and HELL YEAH, I'm going over it!!:)), *someone* better video it! You folks on Ridecamp will never stop wincing, or laughing, or probably both!! I must say, that rock doesn't look all that tough in the pix and video. But I'm just smart enough to realize it must be way tougher than it looks, to make so many riders look so bad. You guys will know when I attempt it. No matter which horse I am riding it will be the one dancing around, trying to go back *down* the rock, or go over sideways, or attempting to go over on their knees or on their head. I will be the rider hanging off on one side, reins all askew, praying to God that I don't have to step off on my face and carry my horse over this mother-loving rock. Wouldn't that make a nice picture to hang over my fireplace??!!

Seriously, to everyone that made it over, congrats and YOU RULE!!! I'm jealous. And to those that chose to go around, YOU ALSO RULE!!! Plus you probably have WAY more sense!

Suzanne(I have HUGE chunks of limestone here on my new farm in Ohio, wonder if I could build my own little mini Cougar Rock to practice on? I could call it Bobcat Rock)


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