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[RC] Tevis--Stagg Newman & Last Chance to Deadwood Leg - Linda Marins

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From: <rides2far@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] Super's numbers??

Just crunching numbers waiting for update. 

1st place, Keele  left Last Chance at 12:21 and arrived at Deadwood at
1:34  that's 73 min.

John Crandell left Last Chance at 12:27 and arrived at Deadwood at 1:35
that's 68 min.

Stagg left Last Chance at 12:45 and arrived at Deadwood in the lead at
1:05...20 minutes????  Is that right?

...Would that have to be a typo or is it possible to do that in 20 minutes?

Did we ever find out if Super's figures were a typo?  I've got to believe that 
of the figures, either Newman's departure time or his arrival time, is a typo.
This says Newman went these 5 miles, the steepest up-and-down part of
the course, at a 15mph pace and passed 7 horses on a narrow single track
trail, when even the two leaders went at <5mph.

(See both the Tevis elevation map, Last Chance to Deadwood, with
swinging bridge in the middle:
and Lucy Chaplin Trumbull's pre-ride photos at

If it is a typo, what were the real departure and arrival time numbers?  Did 
actually arrive at Deadwood first, even if not *that* fast?  (That Newman is 
listed as
arriving first means nothing if the time is a typo--it is just computer sorted 
by arrival
time, and if you get the wrong number, the system displays the wrong order.)

I'm interested because I'm curious whether Newman saw this slowest part of
the course as the best opportunity to make up time, and just overdid a tiny bit,
or whether he took it slow just like everybody else and all I'm looking at is
data GIGO.

Linda Marins


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