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[RC] gate-and go Tevis - Tx Trigger

 Steve Shaw posted: >>>I have watched the top ten finishers, year after year, usually spend 10 to 15 extra minutes in the gate-and go VC's. The one time I didn't was last year to get away from Bob Spoor and Ann Hall 8 miles from the finish where 10th place was in jeopardy! Sorry Bob. (But you still got top ten.)The people (not the horses) that think they can get a jump up by leaving as soon as they pulse down are the ones that I believe are of the 54% non-completions at the Tevis.<<<
Worked the Chicken Hawk vet check this year (about 1.5 to 2 miles past Michigan Bluff).  Almost every one of the top  15-20 riders who were well with in striking distance of top ten took the time to let their horses eat some hay and carrots before heading on through Volcano Canyon, and into the 1 hour hold at Foresthill.  But I remember one rider who came in, and after vetting, found out they were in the top 15 or so. They were kind of "excited" about this fact.  I directed them over towards the hay, people food/water and out gate. They commented something to the effect that they would just pass on the hay and keep going. The  horse did not NEED to eat, they could just head on into Foresthill and  it could eat them.  It really showed me the difference between the top riders, who have worked hard to educate themselves on how to be competitive, and those who just found themselves up towards the front. The horse got pulled later, and I was told it was VERY tired and worn out.  Hopefully a lesson learned.