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Re: [RC] Subject: [RC] hoof protection at Tevis - Crysta Turnage

I used regular Easyboots over shoes on the fronts for Tevis, actually this is my standard set up for all endurance rides.  I also do this for rocky conditioning rides.  Karen has some pics of my boy with his boots on (very bottom right on her blog).  He's the flashy chestnut sabino with the blue eyes and the four high white stockings.
My only issue was it seems the "new" style boots are a little bigger than the old style and I lost 2 of my newer style boots.  =(  They both were black size 1's, one was near the "One Mile to Vetcheck" sign by Lyon Ridge, and the other was about a mile outside of Dusty Corners on the Pucker Point trail.  I didn't find either boot but did have a spare with me so popped one back on at the next available spot.  I NEVER use brand new boots for a ride, I always like to have 50-100 training miles in them first to help get them broke in and a little softer.  Oddly enough, I haven't typically lost the old style of boots, especially over shoes.  I should probably see if I can squeeze my boy into a 0 instead of a 1 with the new style, or maybe adjust the heel strap tighter.  I don't like how the cables adjust quite so much on the new style, they are harder to get "just right".
For the night portion, I put on one of my well worn, loved, and trusty pair of old red boots.  They got us to the finish in fine style and I never was concerned about them coming off.  =)
~ Crysta & Sinatra

On 7/31/07, Dream Weaver <nvrider@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Just wondering if any of the horses at Tevis were wearing some kind
>of hoof boot, specifically, the Epics or Bares.

Yes, lots of them were.  I did get some photos which are in my
blog:  http://easycareinc.typepad.com/karen/     A lot of horses
seemed to be losing shoes and the riders usually use Easyboots, or
Epics to get them to the next check where they can get a shoe nailed
back on.  A few riders did of course use boots the entire way.  It
did seem that a lot of riders had to borrow boots because they
weren't carrying their own.  The two times I completed the Tevis I
used Easyboots, and still carried extras (which I lent out to
others).   It's always a good idea on a ride like that to be extra
prepared which means not just carrying an extra boot (and having an
extra one or two in your crewbag) but it's also important to have
already fit it to the horse you are riding and know how to get them
on and off.  Especially after seeing how many horses lost shoes this
year.  The first time to be doing that isn't on the side of the trail
with horses going by.



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Subject: [RC] hoof protection at Tevis, Dream Weaver