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Re: [RC] Equitation Tip of the Day - rides2far

The muscles that develop strength and elasticity if you are riding
"correctly" are your lower back and your inner thigh. 

Thanks Kat!  I have a question after riding this evening. I feel like I
have finally managed to pull my feet farther back up under me and the
posting *forward* motion is totally effortless now (don't feel it in my
quads at all), but not long into the ride my left leg startted gettting
that shin splint feeling. I feel loose and relaxed, but I think my feet
roll to the outside (anybody shim their stirrups?). I never have the shin
splint feel on the right. I try to feel any difference in the way I hold
my feet, or where in the stirrup they are but I can't feel why the two
sides are different. I am riding both diagonals.  I also have the feeling
the saddle drifts to the right (urge to stomp the left stirrup) but when
I look down it looks straight. I don't feel any extra weight in my right
stirrup.  I'm guessing that I draw up in a "C" to the left but Josie
can't see it from behind me. Anyway, I try to do stretching motions on
that side, lowering that hip and raising that arm. Any suggestions?

By the way, I have the strong inner thighs...I could crush someone
between my "knees of death"...but I got them riding wrong.  It's from
gripping the hooey out of my horse while I pull like I'm trying to stop a
train! (Kaboot that is, not Gunner).  I *told* Jody I have Gunner to
ride, so I can experiment with Seven. I would soooo love to have
something that wasn't just point and shoot! Teach me master!

P.S. I think what wears me out is the stopping, starting, accelerating,
decelerating going down a techinical trail. That's when my muscles have



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