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Re: [RC] Hasumi - Lynne Glazer

Hasumi-san and his wife came by the booth along with Hal Hall, and I completely forgot to point out the bridge poster of him hanging on the fence angled away from them. A great big d'oh for Cristy and me, but they buy lots of pix every year. Agreed, a class act.

More photos from the same site this year, Cristy and I went down those 47? switchbacks Julie talked about in her book and shot the swinging bridge again, Cristy from the top and me from the bottom. I brought waders, stayed in the river the whole time applying cold therapy to my dodgy knee in preparation for the hike back up with our tons of gear. It made it fun to stay in the water like that, while trying not to slip on rocks and drop the gear in the drink, and nice to be able to move as the shadows shifted so the shots wouldn't be just silhouettes! I'll put Robie pix up first, some nice portraits of the Hasumis in there.


On Jul 30, 2007, at 10:38 AM, Kathie Ford wrote:

I have to make a quick comment on Hasumi.

I've watched him for the last few years and he totally intrigues me. Last year I stayed at the finish with a few others till every last rider came thru. When I saw him I just had to really smile as he looked very serious during his victory lap until he crossed under the banner and crossed the chalk line. Then he had a huge smile and was bowing. My impression was what an honorable gentleman he must be.

So this year, at the banquet I saw something even more heartwarming in regards to him and I truly appreciated it as an American.

There in one of the photo booths set up was a photo, an 8 x 10 of Hasumi. It was a beautiful photo but what jumped out at me was he had our American Flag on his helmet and he was dressed in our nations colors, Red, White and Blue. Another huge smile on his face.

It warmed me as am American because he honored our own Country with respect and enthusiasm! I just loved it! I only hope that when our American riders travel abroad that they too Honor the countries they are visiting/riding in in the same way! I thought it was just wonderful!

That photo should be on a magazine cover!

It really moved me!



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[RC] Hasumi, Kathie Ford