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[RC] Sweet Itch - Michelle Aquilino

I believe the condition my horse has had in the past, for which I was told about by my horse's previous owners to be sweet itch (of course I can not be 100% sure of course).  Her condition continued when she was moved to another place within the same town, and completely disappeared when I moved her to her more permanent home on the other side of the city.  Unfortunately, I will be moving her soon to another barn, of which I'm not as sure will maintain her itch free days.  One of the places I am looking at is right next to the river, but is absolutely beautiful and has over 20 miles of trails on their property (with 30 miles planned).
I am looking for something which I can either add as a supplement to her feed, or something which doesn't need to be applied every day, since her new barn may or may not be able to apply creams/oils/sprays to her regularly enough.  Researching online, I have narrowed it down to brewers yeast aor apple cider vinegar as supplements, or Nettex Stop Itch Salve as a supposedly weekly application to mane and tail.  Does anyone have any experience with sweet itch?  or have any opinions on either of these supplements or the salve?  From what I have seen, her reaction is not as intense as I have read about online, but I hope to prevent it from ever even coming up for her again (her mane and tail are starting to really grow out =).
Since this will be a life-long expense for her, I would rather start with one supplement (or the cream) and if it works, stick with just that, rather than doing both supplements and hoping for the best, because then I won't know which did the trick, and I'll either have to continue with them both or go back to one, and do what I started above anyway.  If it doesn't work, try something else, and see if it helps it clear up, and continue until I find something that owrks (hopefully).  I'd just like to start with the most likely solution first to hopefully minimize the chances of it starting in the first place.
Thanks for any advice!

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