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[RC] Tevis winners / Patty P - Kristi Schaaf

Patty P wrote:
Before the AZ summer came, Oct-March I was training
pretty consistently, but still had not built my
strength up to be able to ride a 50 mile. I entered my
first 25 in Scottsdale, but couldn't finish due to a
leg cramp. I need to go to the gym to build my muscle,
or run like an marathon runner, if I ever plan to do
the tevis with the goal of winning. So I see where
strength has ALOT to do with it, and where my
weaknesses are.  

Patty, if you look at the physical makeup of the
female riders at any given AERC ride, you will see a
lot of women with extra 'fluff' on them instead of a
gym rat physique. Strong CORE muscles are the most
crucial part of being a strong rider, whether or not
they are buried under a layer of fat. But tell your
boyfriend, that yes, your muscles (and tendons and
ligaments and heart, etc, just like your horse) do
need to be conditioned for endurance. Fit people's 
bodies perform more efficiently, and people with a
higher percentage of slow twitch muscles most likely
have an advantage because of the duration of our
sport. But what I love about endurance is that all
different kinds of body types can flourish in it. You
don't have to look like a body builder OR a marathoner
to be successful (or to wear Spandex)  

You have a lofty goal of winning Tevis, and goals are
what motivate us, but my suggestion is that you first
make it a goal to finish. : - ) Well, unless you meant
that to finish it to win - then you go girl! 


Life's a journey, so enjoy the ride (and try not to fall off)

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