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[RC] Huginn Update 7/29 Sunday - Raven

Hello Everyone!

Between my monitor not working and Wild Blue being down due to
T-storms and what-not, I haven't had much luck getting online. HA~!

Huginn has completed his Eqstim injections. He had his last injection
Friday afternoon.

So...far, he has had no high temps for one week. YAHOO!  We are still
taking his temp twice per day.

If you didn't know Huginn, you would say that he looks fine. But, to
those who know him..he still looks a bit tired and is "quite".

Huginn is eating,  drinking and staying hydrated.  His hair is growing
in...it's a peachy soft fuzz, like a  buzz hair cut. I am still
spraying him every morning with Water Babies Sun Block.

Some good news.....Huginn's PCR test came back negative!  What does
that mean? It means that Huginn has never had or been exposed to
strangles.  IMHO..this is good news, because it means that he is not a

So...what the heck caused Huginn to be so ill?

Here is what all the vets (five U of MN vets, Huginn's personal vet,
and the two Stillwater vets) are telling me.

They all believe that Huginn was exposed to a very nasty cold/flu/bug
from the woman who vetted him at the endurance clinic.  This in
turn...set him up to the opportunist bacteria(s) that are normally
found in a horse's mouth/trachea/stomach.  Once they took hold...he
had a hard time fighting them.

What I do know is this...that the woman who brought the sick horse to
the endurance clinic, had every horse at her mother's endurance
training barn sick for over a month. I was told that every horse in
that barn, pasture, paddock had been very ill for over a month. Then
they seem to be "fine", then a few weeks later some horses got sick
again. they put some horses, including the one brought to the
endurance clinic on bactrim to help the horses "get better".

Bactrim is also known as Sulfadiazine/Trimethoprim

Even with the woman's horse showing signs of a illness (snotty noses,
sneezing, etc) this woman and her mother decided to bring a sick horse
to an event that they were speaking at and helping with. IIMHO...this
is very unesponsible on their part. The man who organized this
endurance clinic was aware that the barn had sick horses and was aware
that a sick horse had been brought to the clinic.  ~:8[

Now...as to Huginn's high calcium count; this is either a "normal
range" for him, or he has  lymphoma.

Since there is no way to test Huginn for lymphoma, we are going to
take a "wait & see" stance.  The plan is to keep an eye on Huginn and
bring him back to the vets in one month to re-run a complete blood
chemistry to check to see where his calcium level is at.

The vets are still telling me that they do feel Huginn has lymphoma.
BUT..I am going to forget about that and concentrate on the fact that
for now...Huginn is getting better!

So...that is all I know at this time. We'll take it day-by-day.

I again...want to THANK YOU ALL...so very much for all your warm
thoughts, prayers, healing energy, love and support.

There is NO way that I could have gotten through these six very long
weeks without each and every one of you!!

My most heart felt thanks to Debbie for all that she has done for
Huginn.  Love ya!!!

Huginn send "horsey kisses" and Dixie sends "mini hugs" to all!

Lucy & Molly, the Girl Doggies
Huginn & Dixie Chick, the Back Behind the Barn Ponies

Respect ALL Earthlings. We are all animals of this planet. We are all creatures.


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