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Re: [RC] helmets - Milroy Grosse

Helmets are a must.  But what example are the famouse trainers setting.  Go to a Clinton Anderson show, a Pat Parelli, John Lyons etc etc....they don't wear helmets.
You got Lynda Parelli jumping picnic benches without a helmet.  These people must realize the impact their example could have on people.  They go on about safety and horses and respect and and body blocks etc, then jump on a horse with a cowboy hat or sun visor......makes no sense to me.

"geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx" <geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I agree, I am the same and also with seatbelts.
I had a friend fall asleep at the wheel a long time ago he was ejected and pinned by his own car. It was a week shy of his 18th bday. Since then I demand the use of seatbelts in my car. If you refuse you walk. I have actually lost a friend because of this. She refused to wear a seat belt in my car...I told her to drive in her car or I wouldn't take her where we were going....she never spoke to me again. I don't care I am not going to have the guilt of someones death in my life.

jamie ward <rogueroughriders1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't understand why people would take the added risk of not wearing
a helmet, horses are dangerous enough as it is.When i say this  some
people i know i get very stupid replies like "my horse doesn't spook", I
just don't get it. I take people riding quit frequently on my horses
and my rule is no helmet no riding my horse, I don't want their stupidity
on my conscience if they get hurt,also on another note about this.... We have a local
horse association that puts on shows and has the past year or two
started putting on CTR, They have on ALL their forms for signing up for
events: all riders under 17 must wear a helmet but, on their fly er for the
CTR they show pictures of kids  (adults also) walking/trotting threw
their trails etc and no helmets! just made me mad...

"Sheila A. Walsh" <tondi313@xxxxxxx> wrote:
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  Hi Barbara,
  Great story.  I work at a Trauma I hospital.  9 out of 10 traumas are
head injuries.  I figure non helmet wearers are just organ donors?.

 Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely!  Life is an adventure which should bring you  skidding into Heaven's gates, totally worn out, scuffed up and bleeding, yelling, "Whoo Hoo, what a ride

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Re: [RC] helmets, geckogal85@xxxxxxxxx