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Re: [RC] Determination of abuse... - Beth Walker

This gets close to what I was trying to say. ?

Another category of mistake -- more pertinent to this thread -- is when you misinterpret when you are seeing, hearing or feeling. ?You think you are dealing with situation A when instead, you are dealing with situation B. ?This can happen with **days** to think about what is going on, let alone having only a minute or two. ?With the benefit of hindsight (or in this case, video) it is easy to say "how could I have not known it was B??". ? ?It also takes time to correct a misperception -- time that you may not have.

I'm not good at coming up with examples, but I know I have made this kind of mistake in the past -- especially when time was pressing and I simply didn't think fast enough to take appropriate action. ?

If you read the Tribunal report, the Tribunal judges evidently felt that this was the case: ?a misperception that led to a tragedy. ?Definitely ?an error in judgement, and qualified for their definition of abuse under the rules, but still a mistake rather than a deliberate disregard for the horses' welfare. ?

On Jul 25, 2007, at 6:42 PM, Susan wrote:

A few questions
Have you ever driven faster than the posted speed limit with children in the car?
Have your children ever fallen down and hurt themselves because you were looking the other way?
Have you ever “lost” your child in a mall because you turned your back for 5 seconds to look at that fancy dress?
Have you ever cut someone off on the road because you were changing a CD or the radio?
Have you ever stepped on your dog’s toes because he was under your feet and you weren’t paying attention?
I could go on but I think you get the point. If you can look in the mirror an honestly say you have never made a mistake you must be an angel. I can’t! I have a friend who lost her husband because of a split second decision she had to make on the freeway…did she want to hit the car in front of her that had stopped in the middle of the freeway or change lanes. Well, she missed the car but overturned her car.
We all make mistakes. I think Amy Tryon has admitted to hers and has to live with the consequences the rest of her life…I hope you never have to live with the death a anyone or any animal because you weren’t paying attention for 10 seconds.
That’s my 2 cents and not “slamming” you just asking.

RE: [RC] Determination of abuse..., Susan