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[RC] Networking at SETC and Circle E Guest Ranch - rides2far

I'll let somebody who did a better job of taking notes describe some of
the positive things that went on in Knoxville at the SETC this weekend,
but one thing I saw that was *very* valuable was the ability to network.
There were reps there from so many government agencies and I know a
couple of riders who just flat asked to get certain trails reclassified,
etc. and had really encouraging results. In one instance (if I got this
right) the rider said there's a parking area but it only has a short
horse trail next to it and few people come there. However, there is a
hiking trail that goes from there up to the bluff line. On top of the
mountain at that point a trail could connect to a much larger horse trail
system. A ranger agreed with her that the hiking trail could become a
horse trail if she could get someone to "blow the escarpment". So, off
she goes to find someone to "blow the escarpment". She actually had
several gov. workers who *wanted* involved ( you know how men like to
play with fireworks) if they could get a professional approved to do the
dynamiting. Anybody got any tips on such? Who do you go to?  There's
probably some local boys up there who could do a pretty good job of it if
you just forgot to patrol the area for a while. >g<

While I was going through the trade show I met some guys from a place
called the "Circle E Ranch" on Monteagle Mtn. (between Nashville &
Chattanooga) http://www.circleeguestranch.com. They want me to come look
their place over and consider putting on a ride there. They said they
have 120 miles of marked trails...and more unmarked!  They have tons of
private lands *and* are up against more state land. Their TWRA guy was
with them and very willing to have a ride. They have a huge log dining
hall restaurant, 200 stalls under roofs, 200 camping slots with water &
electric, bath houses, showers, etc. It would have to be an "all frills"
ride...no keeping your horses in pens, but I wouldn't have to rent
porto-lets either :-).  I'm wondering if any of you SE riders have been
there? If so, would you write me privately and give me some ideas on
their trails...maybe where to start on checking them out? The big plus
was they said they had enough private land that you could have a ride
*during* hunting season when we're barred from lots of public land.

They had a great map of their trails and a system I liked for figuring
out where you are. There's numbers on the map and numbers on specific
*spots* (not roads) on the trail so you can do the "You are here" thing. 
Their rate system looks very complicated. There's so many prices for so
many things that was my main complaint with their brochures & website.
Looks like there's a $15 day use fee. I *think* I figured that one out.

Angie McGhee
Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for anything, but they
bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.


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