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[RC] Documenting bad behavior - enduroride

Lisa wrote:
 Maybe our RM committee can brainstorm with different ideas on how to utilize outside sources so that making a RM file a protest would be the last resort in a situation or maybe keep AERC out of it altogether.

We surely don't need more rules. Our own history of enforcing rules and relying on our own
legal expertise hasn't been all that, and there is a good possibility that the offending rider could be let off anyway. However, that doesn't mean that at the time of the ride, a RM has to put up with anybodies crap.
The Ride Manager's committee has been looking into ways to document bad behavior. So many times things happen at rides that seem like they are not worth a protest but somebody needs a wake up call of some kind to bring them back in line. If there were a way for a RM to notify AERC and have written documentation of the person's (could be crew or family member, not necessarily the rider) behavior we could take action if it persists. A person can have on incident at one ride that doesn't seem so bad then go to another and do something else and it escalates each time but without any documentation, it makes it hard to prove any of the previous incidents ever took place and could look as if one RM just had a personality conflict with the person. I would like for the RM to be able to document a situation, send it to AERC and then AERC sends out a letter to the offender letting them know that there has been a complaint filed concerning their behavior at _____and what they were accused of doing. Also l et them know that this will go in their personal folder for the record in the office and if more come in they will be looked at closely for protest to be filed from AERC on them. Don't have any details in mind but I think the person would be allowed to write their side of the incident for the record. Without documentation, things get confused and many times forgotten. I also don't think these should be public unless the problems continue with the person. The committee realizes we need to take action on riders even when it doesn't seem like a protest is always necessary. It would be great if we could seek out bad behavior before it get out of control. Lisa, had some good thoughts concerning this that we have been working on for the past few months. Connie

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