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Re: [RC] VT 100 horses - rides2far

horse > was 4> miles out from Hold#2 (and looked great) and 100 yards
from a pit 
crew stop> (and looked great) when he dismounted to tail up Agony Hill
think you> Tevis riders have names for your hills!) and the horse threw
on the> ground! 

Between me & my horse, I'd be the one more likely to do that when facing
Agony Hille. :-)

The two instances you mentioned reminded me of our day at OD. At one of
the vet checks the mare I was riding just suddenly stopped eating and
sort of drew up and "looked very uncomfortable" they said (I was on a
walk to the John). Bill took her for a walk down the field and back and
then she looked fine. Sounded almost like when you just have a stomach
cramp that passes. It was our out time so I figured I'd ride out with
them and could turn back if she didn't feel right. She was fine and that
never bothered her again (we pulled about 40 miles later  for lameness). 

After we pulled I had her loaded in the trailer to go and they came
running over and said they had another horse that had to get to the
treatment vet. It was a mare I'd been riding with on the trail and had
looked great. They said she just suddenly sort of drew up and looked very
distressed. You could see it scared everybody. We unloaded one horse to
make room for that one, then boom, the mare just took a deep breath,
relaxed and went to grazing. Vets checked her out completely and said she
was good to go. Saddled her back up and she finished. Both these rides
deal with lots of climbing. Wonder if there's just some stomach muscles
that can get a cramp from that?



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