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[RC] horse deaths and poeple - Tx Trigger

Rusty posted: >>>While some are enjoying the mud slinging on these girls and
please note I am not saying they are innocent I hope we can move back to the
forum of endurance and find something positive out of this terrible

One of the issues with these two, is many saw it coming. Many have seen
these girls ride on the edge of disaster, and somehow missing it. I watched
one of them a few years ago, climb back on her horse after it had been
PULLED, yelling at her father that the horse was fine, she knew it better
than the vet. She had full intention of heading back out on to the trail.

I think the rules that AERC has in place for management to be able to refuse
entry of riders needs to be looked over, and see if it is clear, and well
worded, so managers can deny entry if they feel the do not want a problem
rider to attend. But we even had a rider file a protest against a ride
manager for the denial of entry to their ride. So, to me, that is an issue
that needs made a bit more clear.

My greatest fear is this now questionably the 2nd horse death that
happened after a ride this season in which the rider did not seek vet help
as soon as
the horse showed problems. Why is this? A lack of education or...?<<<

My gut feeling in this case if lack of money to pay the vet. If they were
stealing credit cards and cash (and horse trailers etc) then I bet they did
not have the funds to have a vet come out to tend to the horse. The puzzle
is why they had not called the owner, and it took the vet who eventually
came out, to call the owner. Unless the vet figured out that these two did
not have the money to cover what potential treatment was needed. They claim
the horse was not that bad the day/night of the ride after it was pulled,but
spent another night, then it was not looking bad  the next day, well after
the ride vet left it seems.

I think they felt they could tend to the horse themselves without a vet,
then realized that was not the case.  And yes, maybe we do need more
education in that area, and to play it safe if we think the horse is a tad
not right and seek some vet care, BEFORE it gets really bad.



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