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Re: [RC] Rushcreek Branding - steelsidedown

Yeah .. but ya know .. those brands are small... precise.. and it looks professional.  
And I agree, I'd much rather trail ride!  But, I do have to think about the horse.  While I am cautious and very protective of "my kids", not every one of them will be in that special handful of horses that is willing and able to compete 20+ years.  Here in the NE, aka suburbia, where cheap board is $350 a month, these guys need a back up career.... useless freebies are too plentiful and hard to place.
Do other working arabian breeders in the area hot brand?  (as opposed to show)  Heidi? Belesemo? Al Marah? Shalimar?  Brown R?
It really seems to be a regional thing.  We just don't see it on the East Coast, when a horse pops up with one, we cringe.  Also, I'm sure we have a fair percentage of riders with "show ring rejects" from all over that aren't branded and this is new to them too.  Seems you guys in the West are quite used to seeing brands and are unphased.  The Warmbloods certainly are opening our eyes to it ...  I've actually only seen 2 brands, in person, on Warmbloods.
BTW, since there are so many chiming in that are knowledgable about brands....  I have a client that would really like to know about one of the brands means on her Warmblood mare.  Its a "2" over a "B" on her left shoulder.  How would one track that? 
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From: Eric Drew
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 10:14 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Rushcreek Branding

Then you look at warmbloods in dressage....the Brand is looked upon with respect regardless of which coast the show on.


I'd still rather ride trail all day than be in any arena.

but don't tell that to my wife who rides 4th level Dressage and does it quite well

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From: Barbara McCrary
Sent: Jul 16, 2007 6:46 PM
To: steelsidedown , Ridecamp
Subject: Re: [RC] Rushcreek Branding

The fortunate thing is that we are not competing in an East Coast show ring, we are competing on a trail with a horse that can actually travel somewhere.
"Beauty is as beauty does."  This is one of the many quotes I was raised on.  It means:  It doesn't matter so much whether the brand is beautiful, it matters whether the horse can take you where you want to go...how far and how fast.
My husband's best endurance horse was Grey, a 16-hand freight train.  If it hadn't been for the brand on his right shoulder, I never would have been able to trace him to his breeder and to his ancestry, which was Morgan sire, Percheron dam.  His brand was ugly, too, apparently made freehand with a running iron rather than a branding iron.  Because it was just far enough off from what it was intended to be, I almost did not find his breeder and ancestry.  But...being the persistent person I am, I finally did track it down, and the rest is history.....Grey - trail horse, cow horse, endurance horse (Tevis - 4th) and actor.
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Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Rushcreek Branding

But, I have to agree.. those brands turn me off ... not only the ouch factor .. but they are flat ugly .. looks like a toddler did it with a fat crayon.  I can't imagine that being acceptable in an East Coast show ring...

Re: [RC] Rushcreek Branding, Eric Drew