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[RC] What Saddle Bag! For Ladies Only - having a back up plan - Raven

gettting off of my horse and just hopped off facing forward, at the
same time as the horse swung his head around to see what I was doing.
By one of those bizarre quirks of fate that seems to rule my life, I
ended up hung by my crotch from my horse's curb chain for what seemed
like a  really really long time until my tights finally ripped and I
fell to the
ground in a heap with a gaping hole in the crotch of my tights

Ohmy! HAHA!!   A few summers ago, I was chatting with a friend while
riding. She uses Snugpacs and I use Stowaway bags.  She asked me why I
went to Stowaway saddle bags, instead of the Snugpacs.  I told her I
like the zippers on the bags, instead of drawstrings and velcor.

A few minutes after the above chat, I went to dismount, well...the
inside of my Irideons got caught on the damm zipper on the Stowaway
cantle bag.

There I was...right leg hang up on my cantle bag, left leg...toeing
the ground, thank goodness my pony is only 13.2 hands tall.

Huginn turns around ...wondering what the heck I was doing. I can't
get my Irideon unhooked from the zipper and I can't seem to get myself
back UP into the saddle.

After what seemed like forever...I hear a ripppppp.....and my leg is
free. My Irideons are ripped across my thigh, from the inside to the
outside. I also fell to the ground...laughing my ass off as I hit the

My friend looks down and said to me "Tell me again why you like
Stowaway Bags?" HAHA!

Lucy & Molly, the Girl Doggies
Huginn & Dixie Chick, the Back Behind the Barn Ponies

Respect ALL Earthlings. We are all animals of this planet. We are all creatures.


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