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[RC] coyote threat - sherman



A farmer that I buy hay from told me in his little community a coyote had a 3 or 4 yr old child by the head, dad was nearby & rescued the child. In the foothills near Grass Valley, I’ve had coyotes sit boldly near the trail and watch us. Once 2 of them followed us only about a couple hundred feet on a trail parallel to & above the trail we were on. I’ve seen what my mustang will do to dogs (probably practiced on coyotes before captivity) and her filly (now 5) seems to have the same instinctive behavior, so I don’t feel they are a threat to a healthy horse. They are responsible for the disappearance of many cats in the neighborhood though.





The Coyotes I'm used to seeing are usually quite shy.   They can be very hard on cats, small dogs, etc.  They are very adaptable and have moved into suburbs and even cities.  I've read of attacks on small children in LA.  Don't know if that's true or not.

I have had them follow my horse on accession, seemed just curious.  One summer when I was working at a fire lookout one followed me several miles every time I rode out one ridge.  Didn't threaten me or my dog, just trotted along 50 yds behind.

The kind of mange coyotes get around here  (Idaho) is usually fatal, and it can be contagious to dogs.