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[RC] The Teenager Method of Barefooting..... - Karla Watson

(I wrote this and posted this to a couple of horse groups today and someone said I should post this to ridecamp, just to give everyone a chuckle.)
Gotta tell ya how to get your horse to the point where you can ride just about anywhere completely barefoot. Its called the Teenager Method of Conditioning. First buy a Paso Fino pony that just won't do steel shoes and almost loose a farrier over his behavior. Make mom buy you a full set of Epics boots and then after a few rides, get frustrated and lazy and say, forget it, I'm not using boots. When mom asks why you aren't in boots, say at about 10 miles away from the trailer, you shrug and say OOPS, forgot them. Make mom slow down for all the rocky parts while she is nagging you about the boots you left in the trailer. After almost 2 years, smile BIG while you see your mom's face when your pony is FLYING over EVERYTHING on long rides several days in a row, keeping up pace with everyone. Rocks, bad ground, pointy stuff, no problem! No chipping and farrier says Paso's feet are hard as ROCK. This is of course after farrier said 2 years ago that this pony could not go barefoot since his feet aren't good at all. Now watch and SMILE again as farrier compliments you on your Pony's incredibly rock hard feet that never chip and have the pretty mustang roll after a weekend of riding in rough terrain. Mom, sister and farrier very impressed. Smile BIG. The teenager method worked.