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Re: [RC] [RC] Huggin - Debbie Kirchner

On 7/10/07, Angie Orr <angieorr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<<So...the diagnosis on his discharge papers list:
Retropharyngeal lymphadenopathy
It also states: High calcium levels are considered to be part of a
paraneoplastic syndrome associated with cancer. It is possible that
Huginn's retropharyngeal lymph nodes are enlarged as part of an early
stage of lymphoma.>>

So does this mean he did NOT get it from the horse at the endurance clinic?

Angie Mikkelson

No, Angie, it does not mean this at all.. in fact, Raven Just called me and said they found YET another Bacteria from the Cultures that they did at the U of MN. She has to run to the U of MN after work and pick up another antibiotic to kill this bacteria.

As I understand it what the Vet told her, was that being exposed to a
cold, as he was with direct contact, - Sick horse snot, to hands, to
Huginn's mouth, - actually caused him to get sick sooner by a couple
of years. So, had he not been exposed, she would not have learned of
this POSSIBLE Cancer diagnosis.... Because he may not have gotten sick
for at least a couple more years...

The lesson here, as I see it, really is to be careful with your sick
horses and KNOW that we can and do carry bacteria around with us from
our sick horses...

I think about what I did this year, I am a substitute teacher, I got
sick, I thought it was allergies, I had missed a great deal of work
this year, so I pushed myself and kept on working, I wanted to reach
my goal of 100 days worked this year, I get a pay raise when I hit 100
days... Anyway, as it turned out, I had a cold, which I got from my
brother while we were both caring for my mom who had had surgery on
her back...

He thought it was allergies too... I hope I did not cause someone to
become really sick from my working... unfortunately, we all tend to
work or send our sick kids to school with a cold/allergy...

I worked with this "allergy/COLD" for 6 weeks... by then I was really
sick and had Broncitis.. I ended up on antibiotics and had an
inhaler... then Prednisone... my point is, how many others did I
contaminate, cause I thought I had alergies???

We simply have to be more careful and respectful of others... because of this, I have not ridden my horses off the property for 2 weeks, then because of the heat it has been 3 weeks, but still, I did not want to accidentally pass this CRUD on...

I just got an email from Raven.. here is what she said,

"This is the bacteria that they just found "Pseudomonas" and they also
think he may been fighting Pneumonia. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???

I have to go to the U after school to pick up a new antibiotic. CRAP!"

I believe this is the 3rd cultured Bacteria that he picked up from somewhere... Was it from that sick horse... it is HIGHLY Likely that yes it was from the sick horse... Can I say I am 100% sure it was from that sick horse, NO I can not...

We simply need to be SMARTER.. and more careful, cause our actions,
can be long reaching...

Debbie in MN Huginn's Hospital Fund sites http://iceryder.net/ravenhuginn.html http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dgtrq74d_386xtqp Please send pictures/info for Our Fundraiser Auction to gena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx If we all do a little, we will have a lot!!!!


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RE: [RC] Huggin, Angie Orr