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[RC] rain rot remedy--nothing sometimes works - Mary Krauss

I'm not crazy about the whole picking off the scabs thing. My horse got a bad case years ago. I rinsed her gently without trying to remove anything, and bathed her with mild soap, then kept her as dry as I could (poor shelter was a problem where she used to live). Her back healed up pretty quickly without much of a "yuck" factor. In contrast, my friends horse got a bad case last year--she's a nurse and can't stand to let things alone. She picked off all the affected areas very gently and carefully, treated it with solutions of some sort or another, and then lived with a bald horse who's back was like one big open wound for several days. A healthier scabbing occurred within a few days, but sun was a real problem, so the blanket had to be on her when it was sunny--and dry--out, for weeks. Ironically, this whole process seemed to lengthen the healing process because her back couldn't air out when it wasn't raining--she had to be blanketed to protect her from the sun. Kinda' circular, difficult, and troublesome approach seemed to me. Then again--I'm really really lazy and like to believe that less is more.
Good luck to you.
Mary K
p.s. the horse that came to me with a bad case of scratches seems bettered by the lazy approach too--his historically affected white pastern hasn't suffered even the tiniest bit since coming into the hands of someone who doesn't shave his fetlocks--I suspect that the hair acts as sun-block. The previous owner couldn't bear letting him be scruffy. I know that there might be other reasons he no longer has scratches on that foot, but I'm stickin' to the idea that leaving things alone for a while to see what happens works pretty well.


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