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RE: [RC] trimming easy boot epics - sherman

To be honest, I haven’t taken the time to try it. I did a quick “picking/peeling” at it, and I think without too much effort it will come off, certainly much less effort than picking the EasyFoam out of the boots. Is going to be. Also, my horses are in pasture, I don’t trim their whiskers, ears,  or feathers, so it’s no big deal for me to have a little brownish stuff on their hoof either (:>)



Cora asked:

Does it come off the hoof wall easy enough?..Cora


Shoe Goo is a flexible, waterproof glue, that is marketed to use in repair of athletic shoes. I put the boot on and before I fasten the clip, I put a big glob of the goo down the front of the boot. Then I fasten it. If I don’t use enough goo, then a boot will come off, but I’m getting it worked out so the boots stay on well during 15-20 mile trot/canter conditioning rides. I carry a tube of goo with me “just in case” I lose a boot, and then I re-goo when I put it on. The goo is easy to get out of the boot, actually most of it sticks to the hoof wall, not very pretty, but easier than picking EasyFoam out of every boot each time I ride. I don’t have enough time in my life to do that.



Re: [RC] trimming easy boot epics, Cora