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Re: [RC] re: OD shoeing/pads - Jody Rogers-Buttram

 I am a farrier, I don't fret over the "proper method" of putting this stuff in.  I DO use the mesh that Vettec makes.  I have never had a problem with either the clear or the black.  I have used in on 3 day 155 mile rides on rocky terrain, I have used it at the OD 100, and then again up there at the NC 100 and 50.  I have used it on flat footed horses, and concave shaped feet.   It has worked wonderfully.  It ( the clear) will wear over the frog area on really abrasive trails, such as gravel roads.  That may be what your talking about.   The only place that I have ever seen the breakdown of the mesh was over the frog, but not around the shoe.  I use the Luwex pad with it because of the concussion relieve that the pads provide.  I have used the rim pads with the mesh and packing and had success.

koppj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>. Those of you who use Equipak regularly, chime in.
> Cindy Collins
> c_collins@xxxxxxx

My experience with Equipak: this is the yellow flexible pour in pad - my farrier did all the proper steps, my horse has a nice concave hoof, what I found was the pad came out during rides, especially the rockier ones where I want it to stay in....I found the weak link was the mesh used to keep the pad material in, the mesh seemed to break off at the shoe.
My experience with Equibuild: this is the harder black pour in pad. We tried this because the harder pad forms up into the hoof and does not flex as much....while the pad did not fall out I did find it wore away as the day went on during a rocky ride....again just when you need a pad to stay in.
I am now using the Luwex pad sold by Roger Rittenhouse. So far so good. What I like is this a full pad that goes between the shoe and hoof wall as well as protecting the sole. The pad has small holes which allow for air flow. I have not used anything to pack ths space between the pad and the sole. I have done one ride and have had no problems with anything getting up under the pad, the pad has not worn down. Had my farrier out yesterday to check my horse and everything was looking good so tomorrow I am off to the Land Between the Lakes ride here in Kentucky which is a rocky ride. I know some riders from Tennessee who use this pad and are also pleased with it which is how I found out about it. I believe they are a German made product. Luwex, bright yellow plastic pad.

Roxanne Kopp


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Re: [RC] re: OD shoeing/pads, koppj