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Re: [RC] [RC] Scores.... - frank solano

Hi Bruce,
I fail to see the relevance of any of these numbers.
Seems to me that a horse's pulse can indicate some degree of recovery relative to heat dissipation, re-oxygenation, etc., but, it is only ONE of several components which COULD indicate recovery of the horse's systems.  The ability to derive relevant information from how many times a heart beats in a horse at rest, under tasking and upon completion of tasking can (and has) lull(ed) the rider/owner of that horse into a false sense as to whether the horse is recovered or whether it is in need of other measures to ensure a safe trip home.  It's not the trailer ride TO the ride that causes horses true stress and distress, it's the trailer home FROM the ride that does...and usually to the horse who didn't get pulled early in the ride but the one who "endured" the fifty miles or the 100 miles.
I think the endurance community has placed too much emphasis on resting heart rate and (so called) "recovery" heart rate. 
It's my feeling that too often it is the horse who DOESN'T present as being in distress who crashes and burns.
I think when it comes to safeguarding horses in endurance that there is danger in (as a community)becoming too Pulse-centric. In that regard, I think it is important to remember that horse welfare isn't only a matter of saving them from DYING at an endurance ride, but also from SUFFERING as we pursue our endurance goals. 
How will changing the time to meet a completion vet check at the end of a ride do that?

On 1/11/07, Bruce Weary DC <bweary@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
   Current scores:  1's : 39     2's: 1         3's: 1      4's: 1
Al Gore called and wanted to recount the Florida votes, but finally
conceded. Interesting to note, the 3 and the 4 come from the same rider
who is 300 lbs with tack and often needs the extra time when racing in
on an Arab and  an Appy, respectively. Sounds like a good horseman, though.
Anybody have any thoughts, observations or recommendations regarding
recovery criteria standards in light of these numbers? Does anyone think
this might be a good method of getting some informal data from our
members on other issues as they come up?  I will continue to tabulate.
Dr Q


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[RC] Scores...., Bruce Weary DC