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[RC] What AERC should provide - Michael Maul

In response to:"The AERC should have a set of rules that insure basic safety of the horse and fairness of the rides.
The AERC should not micromanage rides."

While I agree with what Truman says above - I'll add that AERC should also allow riders coming from different parts of the country to see a uniform competitive environment. I don't mean a "level playing field" so much as something like BC is done the same way in Maine as it is in San Diego, that a pull for XX is similar wherever you ride, and that points/miles awarded/ridden in Washington can be compared to those from a ride in Florida.

AERC certainly tries to avoid micromanaging rides but on the one hand - if we are tasked to reducing the number of fatalities to as close to zero as possible - AERC may in some cases have to try different things which do impact every ride. While education is vital and necessary - it's certainly not the complete answer.

In the case of recommendations from our vet committee composed of vets from all over the country - I give their views very serious consideration.

I'd really like to know ahead of time which things work and which don't. I think sometimes we may need to try things - see if they work - or don't work - and change some more based on results. I'm not saying that's the case in the 30 minutes to pulse in but I'm open to considering it.

I've spent my whole working career dealing with numbers but in our sport - if AERC required the ride managers and riders to collect and send in the numbers and variables needed for the kind of decisions I made - there would be a revolt.

We couldn't even get the vet cards sent in so I'm not optimistic that the amount of data needed for an engineering decision would ever happen - and no change would occur.



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