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[RC] What IS the proposal? - k s swigart

Diane said:

Several writers have complained about the logistical
changes that they think would need to be made if the
final pulse time were reduced to 30 minutes.

Is the proposal that is being discussed a proposal to require horses to
meet criteria within 30 minutes or to require horses to pass their final
vet check within 30 minutes?

People are discussing both as if they were the same thing.  They are

Each of them produces their own set of inconveniences, but not the same

Both of them produce some inconveniences.  After deciding which is being
proposed, then it can be determined if the inconveniences are worth the
effort for any problems they may address.

Personally, I haven't seen anybody state what problems might be
addressed other than Heidi who has "some impression" that there are some
horses out there that aren't recovering within 30 minutes that are
recovering within 60 minutes who are then later in their lives
experiencing long term metabolic problems.  When asked to provide
substantiation for this impression, she cannot (or at least, she has

She has also asserted that she doesn't think that anybody will be
inconvenienced.  She is wrong.  _I_ will be inconvenienced.  The way the
rule is now, I do not need to concern myself at all with how long it
takes me to get from the finish line to the finish check because an hour
is more than enough time no matter what circumstances I or ride
management may encounter.  Consequently, I don't have to give it any
thought.  If my horse is having no problems, I can just finish my ride,
take care of my horse, take care of myself and see the vet/s at my and
their leisure. And if my horse is having a problem, I can see the vet/s
immediately and they can drop what they are doing with respect to
completion exams for horses that aren't having problems and accommodate
me without having to worry about anybody complaining since nobody is
going to be in any rush.

This relaxed and casual attitude/environment makes for a pleasant and
stress free time after crossing the finish line as long as my horse is
not encountering any problems, which contributes greatly to my enjoyment
of crossing the finish line.  If my horse is encountering problems, I
can find the appropriate personnel to assist me.

I confess, at most rides, I simply cross the finish line, get off my
horse, loosen the girth, walk to the vet check and vet my horse through.
If the vet wants the saddle off, I pull it off, vet my horse through,
stick it back on and walk back to my trailer.  So, for most of the rides
that I do, this proposed rule, no matter which it is, will have
absolutely no impact on what I do.  However, I don't HAVE to do this if
I don't want to, or if my trailer is between the finish line and the
vets or if there is a line at the vet check, and I don't care one way or
the other.  I LIKE the fact that I don't have to care one way or the
other, and I have yet to see anybody give any good reason for making it
so I should care one way or the other.

If I really thought that it would help other people's horses I might be
persuaded that I (and everybody else and ride management) should be
inconvenienced in this way, by I haven't seen anybody provide any real
indication that this is the case.

Yes, just having a P&R check at the finish line (rather than requiring
all horses to vet through within 30 minutes) IS an inconvenience to ride
management and riders.  How big the inconvenience is and whether the
inconvenience is worth imposing for the benefits to be gained cannot be
determined until somebody properly demonstrates the benefits to be
gained.  And nobody has done this yet.

Orange County, Calif.


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