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[RC] Other ramifications to new FEI rule - Lynn White

I know I'm beating the proverbial dead horse here, but
here is one more ramification.  How are riders from
countries that don't have any FEI rides supposed to
qualify?  From what I understand, a rider/horse can
qualify if the rider does one FEI*** or higher and
three rides (or something to this affect).  What this
means is that someone from say, Kazakhstan can come to
a country that is having an FEI*** ride, complete the
ride in the allotted time, and do a couple more other
rides in his/her own country to qualify for the WEG's.
This is the only way many of these riders can
represent their countries. How many people do you know
who will lease out a horse that can do a 160 km ride
in 10 hours and 40 minutes to a virtual stranger?  

So basically this proposed rule is going to mean that
a very small and specialized (i.e., wealthy) group
will be able to participate.  In fact many of the
worlds best riders (notice I did not use the word
"jockeys") will be omitted from competition. 
International endurance competition will morph into an
uninteresting process with the usual predictable

I for one enjoy reading about riders from all over the
world that bring their unusual and non-arabian horses
to the WEG rides.  They may not top ten, but they are
out there competing and its an experience of a
lifetime for many of them. I'll miss reading about
them if the proposed rule is adopted. 

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