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[RC] Marwari horses - Lynn White

Title: Marwari horses

A while back someone posted an entry about Marwari horses.  I did some surfing and found a website about them:


They claim to have six purebreds on a farm in Massachusetts.  Stud fees are kind of pricy, but for something exotic I don’t think too much considering it costs an arm and a leg to import and quarantine a horse to the US.  I wonder if a cross would have those ears?!

They do look like lovely horses that would give one miles of smooth riding.  I don’t think they have been tested in endurance though…not enough of them in the world to do that.  They do have that sinewy desert horse appearance.  I'd love to ride one some day.

If you want to see a couple Marwaris in action rent the movie “One Night with the King.”  This movie was lavishly filmed in India and used Marwari horses.  I can’t give a “Thumbs Up” on the movie itself…if you haven’t read the Book of Esther in the Old Testament you’ll be lost to the plot.  But the movie is beautifully filmed and is probably the only movie I’ve seen that has these horses in it.