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[RC] Bob Marshall SS/Youth cut measurement? - L gin

If anyone has a Bob Marshall Youth cut, could you give me the measurement side to side of the skirt? I think I have finally decided to get one,(putting aestetics aside (they are butt ugly :0)-- but I have heard from one dealer and read on another website two different measurements . I am a bit hesitant to ask the dealers again as I haven't exactly decided who to purchase it from.(cause I demoed from one--but got very helpful info from another....dilemmia....brewing).....>sigh<
One told me it is" about"--2" shorter side to side --which would give me a freer stirrup and help my almost pony arab more room to girth above his elbows which can get real close. The info I read on another site said the difference was 26" cut down to 21"--which is 4".

I have been trying to decide for a year (while moving)..... after demoing 3....treeless saddles it was the most secure for the type of riding and it doesn't hurt my butt! RAtboy liked it too I believe. I have started riding him in the arena finally , he is fat and full of himself, pulled out all his silliness, (tricks #1-8) between that and my mare, I NEED a securer saddle than the other brands. Who am I kidding? I am out of riding shape and "maturing"--Besides I ride "CATS" they are not horses, they are "cats"---if they were those long lanky horses that take 20 feet to do a 180, sort of articulated (like our tb) of course you stay with them , ---you don't blink and find yourself in place 180 degrees the other direction......

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