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Re: [RC] Contract Terms with Trainers - Patty P

I think everyone is just trying to help you out. There was some excellent advice here. I hope you were able to get something out of it. I agree with them that trail is probably one of the most demanding of sports. So yes, your word "just" probably wasn't the best choice, but I am glad you knew the difference, and its not that anyone thought you were dumb...but how are we to know who is experienced? Right? Everyone was just trying to help out and no one meant to offend you.
I have noticed, that sometimes Jonni's posts do seem to offend people...just take it as a communication issue and let it go. She means no harm.
-------Original Message-------
Date: 4/24/2007 7:23:38 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Contract Terms with Trainers
This topic has been blown out of perspective. I know everyone has a different definition of "broke to ride" I am not dumb. I put the terms that all tack purchases must be approved because I didn't want her buying something for my horse then trying to get me to cough up money. This horse will not be used for children. "just a trail horse" means that He is only going to be used for trail and in the mountains. Not that he needs less training. Maybe I should have put Only trail purposes. God, you guys take things so literal on ridecamp. Lighten up and actually read the post don't read into it!

Tx Trigger <txtrigger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original post: >>>This is a horse that is just going to be a trail horse for
the family. <<<

JUST be a trail horse for the family??? That sounds like you don't think
that needs as much training as other horses. A horse that is SAFE for the
family to take on the trail should be one that is really well trained, and
is not going to hurt you, or your loved ones..... A good one is worth their
weight in gold....

And I agree with kat. Each person has a different definition of a horse that
is "completely saddle trained and safe to ride". What the trainer may find
safe to ride, may not be "safe" for the kids to take on the trail. Really
consider both persons perspective of this if you feel the need to write that
in a contract.

And I actually chuckled at the thought of a trainer coming to an owner and
suggest they try a different piece of equipment and need to purchase it. I
do not train for anyone but myself, and I know I have lots and lots of bits
to choose from, although I usually stick to about 3 that are favorites. I've
never heard of a trainer asking the owner to buy a different bit to try.
Usually they will have what is needed, and if it works, then suggest you
purchase one for yourself to use on the horse when the training is finished.

Good luck with your horse,

Jonni in TX


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