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[RC] GN license questions answered - Kathie Ford

Hi All, just wanted to pass on what I learned today and may hopefully help others.

I went the the DMV today and got some handbooks and the drivers handbook, 2007. On page 5 I discovered the answers to the proper licensing issues I had. Hopefully this will also help others so I'm passing it on.

First of all the gal I spoke with was very sweet. However, after asking a few questions I discovered she didn't know the correct answers either. So I grabbed the booklets and read, got back in line, and ended up educating both she and myself on the various licenses.

Firstly, she told me that non-com A was for firefighters only. I knew that was wrong. It is a restricted A and/orB and some endorsements if required. You firefighters out there would know this as well.

Upon discovering this, she then tried to tell me that I needed a Commercial License, and then again a B license! I had to bite my cheeks (facial of course) from chuckling to myself!

After going thru both booklets while there I found this and it settled this issue for me so here goes.

There is a note in there under Basic Class C licenses and what you may tow. It does state the info about the 10,000lbs or less.

HOWEVER< and this is the important part and the DIFFERENCE and REASON you are okay with a C.

On page 5, middle rt. column it reads as follows:

WITH A VEHICLE WEIGHTING AT LEAST 4,000LBS., you may tow a: (this is still under Basic Class C mind you)

-trailer coach or 5th wheel (and apparently all GN fall into this) travel trailer under 10,000lbs. GVWR when towing is not for compensation.

(this is the important part and makes the difference below:)

-5th wheel travel trailer (again GN included) EXCEEDING 10,000LBS. but UNDER 15,000lbs. GVWR, when towing is not for compensation and with endorsement.

Therefore, as long as your truck or towing vehicle is a proper weight pulling a lg. trailer you are okay. I checked the weigh of my truck and it is 8800lbs so I'm just fine.

And this does make sense because if the towing vehicle is too light to tow a lg. trailer that is just plain dangerous. So no wonder.

I have a 2001 Dodge 2500 3/4 ton truck. One tons and dully's are even better I'm sure.

There is length issue that is minor and that doesn't affect us.

So, hope that helps others.

I have decided to get the non-com class A just to have it incase someone doesn't that I'm riding with or anyone who might be in a situation where they need a driver that has one. Figured that could be helpful down the line.

But, sigh, I'm so relieved.



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